Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Follow me on Twitter

I seem to be on Twitter more then the blogs. I have 17 followers, never thought I would have that many. I know I'm not famous but I would like to have a few more followers. I have a few of my signed cards to give away. I don't want to sell them, I'd rather just give them away so if I can get 50 followers by the end of January I will give the 3 cards pictured away to 3 different followers. I might have more by then end of January do there might be more then 3 winners.

These 3 are one of the first cards I signed. I guess you can call them pratice cards.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Should I leave Negative Feedback for Very Rude Seller?

For people who know what eTopps is....

I won a eTopps cards yesterday around 11:30am. I paid right away. I have been buying and selling eTopps cards for about 4 years now. I know how it works and I know how long it take for transfers to happen, etc. As of this post the seller still has not released the card to my portfolio.

I sent his an email this morning and I got this reply:

I thought it was very rude.

So question is, should I leave negative feedback?

Monday, December 12, 2011

FOR SALE: 2 Different Circa 1987 Topps Tom Selleck Negatives

First item for sale on eBay:

2 Different Circa 1987 Topps Tom Selleck Negatives

Topps Vault Negatives & non-Negatives for Sale

I am going to start selling some of my negatives and non-negatives that I have purchased from the Topps Vault. My collection is getting overwhelmed and I need to sell some stuff. If you are interested in any that I have already posted please email me at with the negative you are interested in as the subject and how much you are offering in the description.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cards for Sale

I setup a site to sell cards on my own. The site is controlled by me and I treat it like I would my eBay items. Shipping is $2 plus I combine shipping at 25 cents per card. Free shipping on orders over $15. I ship all my cards in a penny sleeve and hard case. I also ship all cards in a bubble cushion envelope with delivery confirmation.

If you have any questions contact me at

The store site is:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Negative (or 2) A Day for the Next 61 Days........

I started a little segment on my other blog "My Topps Vault Addiction" called "A Negative (or 2) A Day for the Next 61 Days........"

I am currently on Day 8 of 61.

I have accumulated so many negatives I thought I would post one or two negatives a day on each day for the rest of the year. Some auctions came with two negatives.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

2009 Ginter Code (Co) Champion - Mike Gellner

In 2009 Topps only allowed one person be the 2009 Ginter Code Champion, of course that was Nick Jacoby. But Nick had help with Mike Gellner. Only thing Mike really got was his name on the back of Nick's 2010 Allen & Ginter card.

This year was a little different. Since Nick won again in 2010 (with some help again), Topps gave Mike his own card. Grant it, it's not in the normal base set numbers 1-350 but he is in the "Portraits of Penultimacy" insert set, card #PP2 with his son Jacoby. This is a pretty hard card to pull, well for me it is with all the blaster boxes and hobby boxes I have bought I have only pulled two of his card. It must be like mine, a short print.

I was able to contact Mike who is a super nice guy and got him to sign his card. I now have all three Ginter Code Champion's autographs on card.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm on Twitter

I've been on Twitter for a while but just wanted to let people know. I kinda post more on there then I do on here. For anyone interested I am @jw2008gcc or click here!/jw2008gcc

Monday, May 2, 2011

Emilio "Millito" Navarro Passes Away at 105

I just found out that Emilio "Millito" Navarro passed away on Saturday April 30 at 105 year old. I sent out a TTM request earlier this year to Mr. Navarro and received it back signed on January 31. I blogged about it here. At 105, I knew I was against time to get Mr. Navarro's autograph on his 2009 Allen & Ginter card. He was the oldest living professional ballplayer at the time of his death.

Read the article from MLB here.

R.I.P. Emilio "Millito" Navarro

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Starting A New Blog.......

I created a new blog titled "My Topps Vault Addiction". I have a problem with buying items from the Topps Vault on eBay. I currently have over 30 items from the Topps Vault. I kind of wish I would have found them a long time ago but better late then never (or at all). In the blog I am going to post articles about my purchases, past Topps Vault eBay auctions and about other collectors Topps Vault collections.

I already posted my first post.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

TTM Request - Arianny Celeste, UFC Octagon Girl

I'm a few days late posting a couple TTM's I received this week. My first TTM this week was from UFC Octagon Girl, Arianny Celeste. I recently sent a few UFC cards to be autographed, my first back was from UFC President Dana White. This is probably my favorite TTM back so far. There were 100 reasons I wanted this card autographed, reason #1 I found an address that was used for TTM's and was successfull, reason #2-100 she's freakin' hot.

Thank you Ms. Celeste for signing my card!

Mike Stanton Sparkle from Target Blaster!

I went out last night and while out I stopped by Target. They had 3 blaster boxes so I decided to buy one. I have to say I have pretty good luck from blaster boxes from Target and Walmart. If you read my earlier post here you read that I pulled a Derek Jeter Sparkle card from the first blaster box I opened this year. My 5th pack from the box I got 2 cards (#78 Mike Stanton & #219 Carlos Ruiz) that were messed up from the sealer that seals the packs, they made the pack impressions on the top of the card. I was thinking to myself "damn that would suck if it was a sparkle card that got damaged or any other insert card". Well the 2nd to last card from the bottom card was a #78 Mike Stanton Sparkle card, the same card I got in the same pack that was messed up. How much of a coincidence is that?

My 16th TTM Request - Stephanie Brown Trafton

Earlier last week I received my 16th TTM request from Gold Medalist Discus Throwing Champion Stephanie Brown Trafton. Ms. Trafton was a gold medalist in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. She became the first American woman to get a gold medal in discus throwing since Lillian Copeland in 1932.

I also sent Ms. Trafton a relic card I pulled from one of my many boxes I purchased in the last couple of years. I asked if she would autograph that as well and she did.

Thank you Ms. Trafton for signing my card!

Autograph Set Completion: 17/324

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TTM Request - Dana White - UFC President

I've sent out a few non Allen & Ginter TTM requests a couple weeks back. Not only do I like baseball and football but I also like UFC and MMA fighting. My first TTM back was from UFC president Dana White. I've seen a few success from him lately in silver sharpie and since I had the set I thought it would look cool on his 2010 Topps card. It came out better then I expected. I'm hoping I can send out a few more soon to other UFC and MMA fighters.

Thanks Mr. White for signing my card!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Derek Jeter Sparkle from Target Blaster Box!

My local card shop is closed on Wednesdays and I had a itch for the new 2011 Topps so I went to Target about an hour ago and found 6 blaster boxes. I could have bought them all but I was going to my local card shop tomorrow to buy a hobby box so I only bought 2. The boxes had a price of $19.99 but when I checked out they rang up $17.99, I guess 1st day sale or someone's mistake.

My very first box and 3rd pack I pulled one of the sparkle cards I read about from bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog and The Beckett Blog earlier this afternoon.

I will post my box breaks soon.

Monday, January 31, 2011

My 15th TTM Request - Millito Navarro

Today I received my 15th TTM request from 105 year old Negro League Star Millito Navarro. Mr. Navarro played in the Negro League from 1928-1929. He is the first Puerto Rican to play in the Negro Leagues. At 105 years old Mr. Navarro is the oldest living professional baseball player to have played in the Negro Leagues. Mr. Navarro was elected to the Puerto Rico Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992 and the Puerto Rican Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.

Thank you Mr. Navarro for signing my card!

Autograph Set Completion: 16/324

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TTM Request - John Higby, Yo-Yo Champion

Last year I purchased a few boxes of 2009 Allen & Ginter boxes. I got a lot of good pulls. My favorite was the John Higby relic, a SP limited to 250. It contained a piece of yo-yo string. After reading his blog from his website there is an entry for summer 2009 mentioning he will be on a Topps card. Also in the entry it states the yo-yo string that is embedded was used for his World Champion performance. I beleive it was his 2008 World Champion performance in Orlando, FL. I thought since it was a SP and a pretty cool relic and he was very quick on returning my first TTM I sent him I wanted to send it to him to see if he would sign it. If he would have just signed it John I would have been totally fine with it. But he went out of his way and inscribed it to me(actually "Yo") and drew the face of Mr. Yodel, his cartoon character on the back. I like the "Yo Jason Wong".

Not only did he surprise me with the relic card inscritpion and drawing he went out of his way again and drew Mr. Yodel on a index card. A picture is worth a thousand words but I don't know what to say. I guess all I can say is wow. This is so f-ing cool! It's already in a frame and hanging on my wall.

These two pieces plus my first TTM Allen & Ginter card I sent to him only add to my other John Higby piece. Last year at the 2010 National Sports Card Collectors Convention I met up with Nick Jacoby, the 2009 & 2010 Ginter Code Champion. He had some leftover framed autographs from the special Code Breaker set. He let me pick a couple. Low and behold he had John Higby (pictured below). Since I had the relic I thought it would be cool to have the autograph and put them in my collection. Thanks again Nick!

Last but not least I have to say "Thank You" to Mr. Higby for everything!

I already emailed him to personally thank him and he responded back.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My 14th TTM Request - Art "Superman" Pennington

Today I received my 14th TTM request from Art "Superman" Pennington. I sent this on 1/14/2011 and picked up my post office box mail on 1/24/2011. Mr. Pennington signed the front and back of his card which is really cool. I like how he personalized it to me on the back. Along with the card he sent a autographed 1986 Larry Fritsch #53 Negro League Baseball Stars card. I have seen cards from the Larry Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars set and me being a little familiar with the Negro League I had already heard of Mr. Pennington. He was "Superman" in the Negro League. I am very glad and honored to have his autograph in my collection. I am still waiting for a few other Negro League stars cards to arrive so my Negro League collection will grow.

Thank you Mr. Pennington for signing my card!

Autograph Set Completion: 15/324

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My 13th TTM Request - Michael Phelps

Today I received my 13th TTM request from Michael Phelps. I didn't think I would ever see this card again. This took almost one year to get back to me, to be exact it was two weeks shy of one full year. I sent this on January 26, 2010 and received today January 13, 2011. I sent this to a Baltimore post office box address that I found online from different people on forums saying they had success with TTM requests. When I looked at the post office stamp return city on the envelope it had NO VA 220, my guess is Northern Virginia and a partial zip code. I am guessing he does all his business stuff in Virginia and not here in Baltimore. The autograph looks like the real deal to me. Anyone have any doubts? I compared it to framed authentic autographs from his 2009 Allen & Ginter and it looks exactly the same. Or it is a real good fake but I doubt it.

Thank you Mr. Phelps for signing my card!

Autograph Set Completion: 14/324

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Topps #338 Throughout the Years

I have started a new project on top of others I am working on.

I titled it "Topps #338 Throughout the Years".

Since my card number is #338 in the 2009 Allen & Ginter set I thought it would be a neat little project to collect every Topps card #338 from 1952 to present AND Allen & Ginter card #338 from 2006 to present.

I have already started putting the page together. Go here to view

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Autograph Cards on Ebay - 100% for Charity

I list some cards on ebay today and had a couple of my cards I received from TTM requests. A while back I had some TTM autograph requests come in and a couple of people sent me extra cards they had. Both letters were similar in saying they knew I did charity auctions and they sent me these extra cards to put in auction for a charity. So I have two for auction, I signed them both and inscribed them both differently. 100% of the auction sale will go to two different charities.

Auctions end on November 20

Auction 1 - for The Humane Society of the United States
inscribed with "1st Ginter Code Champion"

Auction 2 - for Susan G. Koman for the Cure - Global Headquarters
inscribed with "2008 Ginter Code Champion"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter TTM Request - Shawn Johnson

I sent 3 cards from the 2010 Allen & Ginter for TTM request. I sent to Nick Jacoby, Regis Philban and Shawn Johnson. My first TTM request I received back was from Nick Jacoby, the 2009 Ginter Code Champion.

When I was 17 I had a crush on Amanda Borden, she was a member of the 1996 women's gymnastic team, aka the Magnificent 7. They won the gold medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics. She was my very first TTM request before I even knew what TTM request were. She sent 2 postcards autographed, 1 with just her and 1 with her and teammate Jaycie Phelps.

My 2nd TTM request I received back was from Champion Gymnast Ms. Shawn Johnson. Ms. Johnson won a Gold Medal on the Balance Beam in Beijing in the 2008 Summer Olympics. She also won Dancing with the Stars with Mark Ballas.

Thank you Ms. Johnson for the autograph!

My 12th TTM Request - Bryan Berg

I am a little late again posting my TTM requests.

Back on June 28th, I received my 12th TTM request from Mr. Bryan Berg. I sent Mr. Berg the request back in January. I was looking at his website and apparently he was a little busy because he was attempting to break his own record for the largest house of freestanding playing cards.

Along with his 2009 Allen & Ginter card, Mr. Berg sent a business card autographed and a note saying "Sorry for the delay!".

Thanks Mr. Berg!

Autograph Set Completion: 13/324

Saturday, August 21, 2010

YouTube Box Break Video #2 - 2009 Allen & Ginter 2/2

YouTube Box Break Video #1 - 2009 Allen & Ginter 1/2

Blowout Cards - YouTube Box Break, (2) 2009 Allen & Ginter

I bought a box of 2009 Allen & Ginter from Blowout Cards booth at the 2010 National. In my previous post I posted pictures of Nick Jacoby, the 2009 & 2010 Ginter Code Champion and me at Blowout Cards booth at the National. I did pretty good on the box I bought, getting a Evan Longoria Bazooka Back number 23/25.

I could only afford one box at the time so I emailed Blowout Cards the following week asking if they had any more for sale. They did so I purchased 2 more boxes. I got a great deal but for the deal I had to do a video box break. I've never done a video box break and I was nervous as hell.

I will be posting the videos on YouTube and submitting them to Blowout Cards later today. I will post links to the videos in my next post.

Watch the videos to see if I pull my card!

Box 1 - video by myself got 5 HITS! Got a silk card too!
Box 2 - video with my Uncle Mike and me

Friday, August 13, 2010

BOX BREAK: 2009 Allen & Ginter bought from Blowout at the 2010 NCSS

I bought a box of 2009 Allen & Ginter from Blowout Cards at the 2010 NSCC on Saturday. This is what I got out of the box:

3 Game Used Relics

Evan Longoria -Jersey
Hanley Ramirez -Bat
Brock Yates - Shirt (SP)

2 Black Borders
#42 Mark Buehrle
#246 General Custer

1 Bazooka Back
#25 Evan Longoria.....#23/25

I did pull one of my cards (#338) in the 3rd pack I opened.

I will be putting all the above on ebay this weekend (8/13-8/15) EXCEPT the Brock Yates.

Along with the above, I will be listing alot of cards, relic cards and a autograph card.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2nd post from 2010 NSCC - Baltimore - Clay Luraschi

I met up with Nick Jacoby, the 2009 & 2010 Ginter Code Champion (first 2x champ!) at the show. We walked around to few booths together, FCB and Blowout Cards being the others. We ended up at the Topps booth were we met Clay Luraschi, Director of Product Development for Topps. He was a great guy. It was great to meet him, he is a great guy. We got to talk to him for a few minutes.

Side note, while I was talking to Clay I asked him about my 6 Team Orange minis I had to send it as part of the code. Beckett published an article not long after my Hobby Q&A about the 6 Team Orange minis and how they were actual Topps employees. I asked Cly if he could get them signed by the employees. There was one problem, one of the employees no longer worked for Topps and now I have to try to track him down to see if he will sign the last card. Clay took the 5 cards and I gave him my address so he could send them back to me. I will post pictures when I receive them back. Thanks Clay!

1st post from 2010 NSCC - Baltimore - Chris Olds

I met Chris Olds editor of Beckett Baseball at the Beckett Media booth. He did a Hobby Q&A with me for there website and it was published in the October 2009 edition of Beckett Baseball, page 15. I was glad to meet him after seeing him countless times on videos. We got to talk for a few minutes. I remember him saying once he was a collector of mini cards from Allen & Ginter. I had a few mini cards of me and gave him one. He told me it was one mini he didn't have and I was happy I was able to give him one in person. I signed it for him. He gave me one of his business cards which looks like a 2010 Allen & Ginter card and I have to say it is a pretty cool business card. I asked to sign it for me. Thanks again Chris!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My 11th TTM Request - Mariel Zagunis

I am a little late posting this TTM.

On April 14 I received my 11th TTM request from Ms. Mariel Zagunis. She is a fencing champion. She was the 2004 Summer Games Gold Medalist and became the first American to win a fencing gold medal in 100 years.

Thank you Ms. Zagunis!

Autograph Set Completion: 12/324

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My 10th TTM Request - Loren Opstedhl

Today I received my 10th TTM request from Loren Opstedhl, a champion sheep shearer.

Thank You Mr. Opstedhl!

Autograph Set Completion: 11/324

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My 9th TTM Request - Kristin Armstrong

Tuesday was my first day back to work since Baltimore was hit with 2 blizzards in 1 week. Baltimore is not use to all that snow in 1 week, I got about 40+ inches. I checked my post office box and in 1 week I got 4 pieces of mail........1 TTM request I sent, 2 autograph requests, and a letter that was sent to the wrong po box.

Tuesday I received my 9th TTM request from Kristin Armstrong, a cycling champion. Ms. Armstrong is a Olympic gold medalist in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

Thank You Ms. Armstrong!

Autograph Set Completion: 10/324

Friday, February 5, 2010

My 8th TTM Request - Steve Wiebe

As I mentioned in the previous post I sent some more TTM requests out. It has been a little over a week and I received my first one back today. In Baltimore we are expecting between 18-24 inches of snow today through Saturday night so I checked my post office box one last time before I left work today.

Today I received my 8th TTM request from Steve Wiebe the Donkey Kong Champion. Mr. Wiebe was the first person ever to top one million points on Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior. He sent a little note with his card saying congrats and he is going to get one of my cards and send it to me to be signed. That would be really cool. Then I'll know the feeling of another person in the set asking me for my autograph.

Thank You Mr. Wiebe!

Autograph Set Completion: 9/324

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2005 Topps Pack Wars $100 bill

I sent some more TTM requests for my 2009 Allen & Ginter set so I can get the whole set autographed by all the living people. While I wait for them I will be posting pictures of items in my collection.

If you read my old blog I put this up before.
In 2005 I bought a few boxes of 2005 Topps Pack Wars. I liked them because of the prize packs, you could get an autograph card or a game used jersey or bat card. My most interesting pull was this $100. I posted a message on Topps' message board on 6/13/09 telling people I was putting it on eBay. It did not sell with my reserve of $140. .

The only information I have on this $100 is that Topps inserted only about 50 of these $100’s and inserted other dominations as well. I got this information from a guy who attended a Topps event and he said they were promoting the Pack Wars game and they gave one of these $100 bill cards away at that event.

I did see a message posted back in 2005 on's archive with some input. .

Does anyone know more about this $100 or any of the other dominations? I have not seen another one of these since I got mine out of the pack. I would love to see another one, I don't care in what dominations.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Contest for FREE cards! (CONTEST HAS ENDED)

CONGRATULATIONS TO PAUL (a follower of mine from crawfordcards) from N.D. FOR WINNING MY CONTEST!!!THANKS TO ALL FOR ENTERING!!!

The answers are next to the questions........

I decided to give both of these cards away. I tried to think of what kind of contest I wanted to have so I decided on trivia questions based on something in my collection. I wanted to do a code puzzle but not everyone is into codes but maybe in the future.

For this contest, there are 3 questions based on something in my collection.
The winner will receive both the autos. 1 regular auto with the inscription "1st Ginter Code Champion" and a auto in Chinese. Please note, I do not auto cards TTM with that inscription or in Chinese.

1. These 2 Baseball Hall of Famers are the only 2 Hall of Famers to pitch a no hitter on Opening Day in their respective leagues. Name these 2 Hall of Famers, the teams they pitched the no hitter for, the team they no hit and what year they pitched the no hitter.
ANSWER: Bob Feller for Indians, vs White Sox in 1940; Leon Day for Newark Eagles vs Philadelphia Stars in 1946

2. This pitcher is the first pitcher of this type to be elected into the hall of fame. He pitched only 1 no hitter in his career. (HINT: He has 1 career homerun.) Name the pitcher, the type of pitcher he was known for, the team he no hit and what year he pitched the no hitter.
ANSWER: Hoyt Wilhelm, knuckle ball, pitching for Orioles vs Yankees in 1958

3. All 3 of these Baseball Hall of Famers also have 1 thing in common. Beside playing baseball and being pitchers, what do these 3 Hall of Famers have in common?
ANSWER: All three served in WWII

All 3 of these refer to a Hall of Fame Bat I have autographed by all 3.
I went to Cooperstown in 1993 to see my favorite player Reggie Jackson get inducted into the Hall of Fame. My parents bought me the bat while I was there to get what autographs I could get. I only ended up with these 3 but I think the 3 are just fine with me. I am a BIG fan of collecting Leon Day memorbilia. He lived in Baltimore for the remaining years of his life and I was honored enough to meet him 3 times, twice in Baltimore and once in Cooperstown. I took the chance in 1993 to get Leon Day's autograph on my Hall of Fame bat because being from Baltimore we had heard that me "might" be inducted one day. In 1995 he was selected into the Hall of Fame but sadly he passed away 6 days after learning his selection. At least he knew before he died, unlike other stars who should have been inducted before there death.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just for fun

With the last name Wong some might have a clue I am of Chinese heritage, I am 1/4 and 3/4 other nationalities. To make a long story short, my great grandmother (Marie Wong) was born in 1894 in Canton, China. She came from China and went to New York City with her family when she was little. My great grandfather (Kim Sing Wong or Wong Kim Sing) was born somewhere in Northern China in 1867. He went to California in the late 1800's and migrated to Baltimore, Maryland at a unknown time in the late 1800's maybe the early 1900's. My great grandfather was 26 years older then my great grandmother, she was 14 and he was 40. It was a arranged marrige as that was their culture. I found the newspaper article about my great grandparents wedding in Baltimore, the newspaper was dated Feb 10, 1908. Click the picture below to read........

All my friends know I have my name written in Chinese tattooed on my arm. Some have asked if I have signed any cards in Chinese. I have been praticing writting my name in Chinese for a few years since my older and wiser Chinese friend showed me how. My great grandmother was like a mentor to all the Chinese who lived in Baltimore in the 1920's all the way up to her death in 1994 when she was 100 years old. My friend had heard of her back in the day when he was a young boy.

No one has requested me to sign in Chinese probably because no one besides my friends know I can. FYI please do not send any TTM for me to sign in Chinese.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My 7th TTM request received - Cat Osterman

I've been sick off and on for the past month, I finally feel a little better. This year has been rough on me and alot of other people.

Friday (11/6/09) I received my 7th TTM request. The number 7 is pretty lucky for me and this time it is lucky again! Today I received Ms. Cat Osterman! This took a little over a month but it was worth the wait. I've read a little bit on Ms. Osterman and she has accomplished ALOT in her softball career. She is like the Nolan Ryan (one of my favorite baseball players) of softball.

I am a new fan of Cat Osterman ( and the Rockford Thunder ( Hopefully her team plays next year and I will be following her and her team in the 2010 season. Plus she is totally cute!

Thank you very much Ms. Osterman!

Autograph Set Completion: 8/324

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My 6th TTM request received - James "Red" Moore

Today I received 93 Year old Negro League star James "Red" Moore.

With the card there were two letters attached. The first was with a picture of Mr. Moore and the teams he played for along with his autograph below his picture in black sharpie.

The second letter was from a Mr. Gregory White. Looking at Mr. Moore's website ( Mr. White represents Mr. Moore. In Mr. White's letter he asks if I would consider a small donation.

I will comply to his donation just because back in the early 1990's I was introduced to the Negro League and Negro League star Leon Day. Mr. Day was living in Baltimore after his playing years and he did local appreances. I met Mr. Day twice and have several of his autographs. Before his death I (actually my parents because I was about 14) sent in a donation to Mr. Day, this is why I am complying to Mr. White's request.

Please visit for more information on Mr. James "Red" Moore.

Autograph Set Completion: 7/324

Friday, October 16, 2009

My 5th TTM request received - Pat Neshek

Today I also received Minnesota Twins pitcher Pat Neshek. I've been reading Mr. Neshek's website for a few months and I have seen posts with his autograph. It is pretty neat way he signs his cards, I like the baseball in the P. Not only did Mr. Neshek sign the card but he was also the "Odd Man Out" for this year's ginter code! It's like we have a little connection to the Ginter Code. He wrote three quotes on the front of the card. It says "The code has been cracked", "Odd man out" & "2009 Ginter Code". Not only did I receive the card back but Mr. Neshek took the time to send three autograph cards of him in the minors and a letter. I asked him what the coolest game used memorbillia he has since being a basbeall player. Click the picture above and read his letter. I sent Mr. Neshek my card autographed for his collection. Thank you very much Mr. Neshek!

Autograph Set Completion: 6/324

My 4th TTM request received - Anna Tunnicliffe

Today I received sailing champion Anna Tunnicliffe. Ms. Tunnicliffe is a Olympic Gold Medalist for sailing in Beijing. Thank you Ms. Tunnicliffe!

Autograph Set Completion: 5/324

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My 3rd TTM request received - John Higby

Today I received yo-yo champion John Higby. This is the coolest card so far. I know it's only the 3rd TTM I have received but what he did was awesome. On the front he signed it John and on the back he wrote "To Mr. Wong!" and then he drew his famous character Mr. Yodel with the letter "J". I did not ask Mr. Higby to draw anything but that was very cool he took the time to draw Mr. Yodel on the card.

Thank you very much Mr. Higby!

Autograph Set Completion: 4/324

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My 2nd TTM request received - Herb "Briefcase" Simpson

Today I received Negro League Star Herb Simpson. Mr. Simpson signed this card twice. On the front he signed it Herb Simpson and the back reads " May God Bless You / Jason" signed Herb "Briefcase" Simpson. Thank you very much Mr. Simpson!

Autograph Set Completion: 3/324