Sunday, August 8, 2010

2nd post from 2010 NSCC - Baltimore - Clay Luraschi

I met up with Nick Jacoby, the 2009 & 2010 Ginter Code Champion (first 2x champ!) at the show. We walked around to few booths together, FCB and Blowout Cards being the others. We ended up at the Topps booth were we met Clay Luraschi, Director of Product Development for Topps. He was a great guy. It was great to meet him, he is a great guy. We got to talk to him for a few minutes.

Side note, while I was talking to Clay I asked him about my 6 Team Orange minis I had to send it as part of the code. Beckett published an article not long after my Hobby Q&A about the 6 Team Orange minis and how they were actual Topps employees. I asked Cly if he could get them signed by the employees. There was one problem, one of the employees no longer worked for Topps and now I have to try to track him down to see if he will sign the last card. Clay took the 5 cards and I gave him my address so he could send them back to me. I will post pictures when I receive them back. Thanks Clay!

1st post from 2010 NSCC - Baltimore - Chris Olds

I met Chris Olds editor of Beckett Baseball at the Beckett Media booth. He did a Hobby Q&A with me for there website and it was published in the October 2009 edition of Beckett Baseball, page 15. I was glad to meet him after seeing him countless times on videos. We got to talk for a few minutes. I remember him saying once he was a collector of mini cards from Allen & Ginter. I had a few mini cards of me and gave him one. He told me it was one mini he didn't have and I was happy I was able to give him one in person. I signed it for him. He gave me one of his business cards which looks like a 2010 Allen & Ginter card and I have to say it is a pretty cool business card. I asked to sign it for me. Thanks again Chris!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2005 Topps Pack Wars $100 bill

In 2005 I bought a few boxes of 2005 Topps Pack Wars. I liked them because of the prize packs, you could get an autograph card, a game used jersey or bat card. My most interesting pull was this $100.

The only information I have on this $100 is that Topps inserted only about 49 of these $100’s and inserted other dominations as well. I got this information from a guy who attended a Topps event and he said they were promoting the Pack Wars game and they gave one of these $100 bill cards away at that event.

I did see a message posted back in 2005 on's archive with some input. .


Thursday, June 4, 2009

2008 Allen & Ginter Code cards in order

I finally had time to put all the 2008 Allen & Ginter Code cards in the order they go. I even marked the letters and numbers in red to show the answer. Click on the picture to have a larger view of it.

The front cards from left to right reads "SEND 6 TEAM ORANGE MINIS"
The bottom from right to left reads "ALL 6 MEN WITH MUSTACHES"

I also marked the back of the cards to show that almost all the first and last word from each card matches the next card EXCEPT when you go to card 5. Card 5's last word does not match the next card, card 10 BUT card 10's last word matches the next card, card 1 BUT like card 5, card 1's last word does not match card 16 BUT on card 16, the last word is "END". I thought about "End" being the last card as another clue was on the front of card 16 there is a line with no arrow going ----> on the top like all the other cards instead is goes ----I.

Did I confuse anyone yet?

Here it is in detail.

Here are the order the cards go:11, 3, 12, 15, 4, 18, 7, 6, 19, 2, 20, 14, 8, 17, 9, 13, 5, 10, 1, 16

I figured this out because if you look at the back, the first word and the last word almost all match the next card. On card #11 it has a line on the bottom above the code letters/numbers instead of an arrow like on top under the code letters/numbers, card #16 is vice versa, all the rest have arrows on the top and bottom so I figured one of these is the first card and the last card.

Example - on the first card #11, the last word in the paragraph is Today, the next card is #3, the first word in that paragraph is Today, the last word in the paragraph on #3 is World, the next card #12, the first word in the paragraph is World, the last word in the paragraph on #12 is Year, the next card #15, the first word in the paragraph is Year.

This happens all the way down to card #5, on card #5, the last word does not match the next, card #10 but the last word Enough in the paragraph on card #10 matches the first word in the paragraph on card #1.

Line all the cards up in 1 row and write down all the letters/numbers from the top starting with card #11, write them from left to right, it should look like this:

A I N 3 P F G Q N T S B R E I E T Q N F H A P 5 L N C V Z N F X I E J R 8 D G S D A L K 6 M J D U R H T B E N A O P E F S C T O R E H D T E 2 G I L D A C M X K D H Y R U A T C D P O E J F M D O D H G 3 4 E R N J 2 I S O P E G 8 B Z R A P A P K F 1 T H I T D E A N C M M B F Y N Q O S A G E 7 S F H J T R Y C S G G L D F N E W R E S K S L E O B Z Q T Y E M O F T R I B N U 5 W P K L D N I N H 9 S Y W T E Q Z G D S U O S 5 E P G W T 8 H Y S

Do this for the bottom EXCEPT write them backwards starting with cards #16 and write all the letters/numbers from right to left, it should look like this:

D J U T H T H G D B S P O L W A L Y H G T R N B A M L K R R W 6 T 1 2 W L N S M 3 R F H M U Y H T W 6 B E E D A S P V W L Y 1 N R T C A V 7 N W U T H F 5 E W N T C B D U J R K W A L 4 I F H N W B V C K M A Y T Q R 3 G F S D T C H Y W I E T H B D O B W H A L P H S Q M P L D H 2 U T C N W A B S V 7 U Q T W H K A B N S 6 G F H H T P O S A M Q H D 6 T E J P O Q O E N C A Y R 9 2 Y E H X K S H Z V E B N E 7 Y W Q P E 6 S C J E H T 8 E K J A

Deciphering the code. Starting with the top letters/numbers, start at letter A, now with the cards in order, 11, 3, 12, 15, 4, etc. Start with card #11, go over 11 letters/numbers and you have the letter S,. Next card is #3, go over 3 letters/numbers from S and you have the letter E. Next card is #12, go over 12 letters/numbers and you have the letter N. Do this all the way to the last card, #16.Your answer for the top should be “SEND 6 TEAM ORANGE MINIS”

Now with the bottom, you have to go backwards, do everything in reverse. Go backwards starting with 16, 1, 10, 5, 13, etc. Start at letter D, now with the cards going backwards go over 16 letters/numbers and you have the letter A. Next card is #1, go over 1 letter/number from A and you have L. Next card is #10, go over 10 letters/numbers and you have the letter L. Do this all the way up to the first card, #11.

Your answer for the bottom should be “ALL 6 MEN WITH MUSTACHES”


This relates to the 10 Team Orange Mini that are inserts and only 6 of the men have mustaches. You had to send in all 6 Team Orange minis men with mustaches.

I had all 6 cards and sent them into Topps and they received my certified letter with my answer and cards on 8/7/08.

If you still need help or do not understand, let me know.